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"Arguably there is something for everyone on this album. The title track has a powerful resonance that touches inner feelings that only a superb tune can"- John Oke Bartlett,

The Long Journey Home, released in June 2016 is James's debut album. It offers a unique mix of marches, jigs, waltzes and slow airs, ranging from the foot-tapping ANNE BROWN'S MARCH, the butterfly-inspired three-to-a-bar BLUEBELLS AT BARROWBURN to the dreamy mists of the LISMORE WALTZ, played by James and brilliant violinist Roddy Matthews.

Recapture fond memories of gazing at the spectacular scenery through the Barrowburn tea room with the jolly jig, BARROWBURN CREAM SCONES.

The album, or individual tracks from The Long Journey Home can be purchased and downloaded here.